Sand ginger Kencur (Aromatic Ginger)

Sand ginger Kencur general information

Sand ginger Kencur is one of the most popular spices used in Southeast Asian countries, especially Indonesia.

Although shaped like a mature ginger rhyme (root), kencur has a stronger, more intense flavor than regular ginger.
Therefore, kencur is also known as aromatic ginger.

Supply sand ginger Kencur from Vietnam

We supply sand ginger Kencur grown in Vietnam, with a pungent aroma and aroma

Depending on the needs and purpose of use, we currently offer kencur products including:

  1. Fresh sand ginger Kencur
  2. Dried sand ginger Kencur
  3. Kencur Kencur

Use of Sand ginger kencur

Sand ginger kencur is commonly used as a spice in Asian dishes. The pungent, aromatic flavor is one of the indispensable characteristics in traditional dishes

According to traditional medicine, Kencur are used as medicine with the purpose of reducing pain caused by rheumatism. In addition, this root also works to treat symptoms related to the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.