Vietnamese Jackfruits

Jackfruit tree is generally a tropical plant, grown in Southeast Asia and Brazil, is a deep wood type of wood mulberry (Moraceae), 8 to more than 20 meters high.

The jackfruit is considered the largest ripe fruit tree of any tree species. The jackfruit fruit is quite large, oval in shape, 30 to 60cm x 20 to 30 cm in size with rough shell, with small spines.

Jackfruit is a familiar fruit with a strong scent, processed into many delicious dishes such as jackfruit sticky rice and many sweet teas.

In Vietnam, The jackfruit bears fruit in the middle of spring and ripens in late summer (July – August).


FeatureNatural Bright color
Cultivation TypeCOMMON
Maturity4 months
Size (cm)+ Grade A (9kg up/piece),  + Grade B (7-9kg/piece),  + Grade C (5-7kg/piece).
Place of OriginVietnam

Packing & Delivery

PackingInner packing: foam preservative bags Outer packing: standard carton or Customize
Shipping13 MT/20FT 26 MT/40FT
Storage temperature5- 15°c
Optimum Relative Humidity90 – 95%

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